Monday, August 2, 2010


An excerpt from my church's Statement of Faith:
"God created us. He made a universe that would reflect His attributes. All that He
created is dependent on Him -- He made it out of nothing, keeps it together, can reshape it, and is Master over all. God crowned His creation with man and woman, fashioned in His personal image, with whom He could have a relationship, and who could relate to each other. They would reflect His nature by exhibiting unity in the midst of differences, ruling while remaining submissive all at the same time."
......yet as soon as there's a difference, people walk?! Step back and look at the bigger picture. Has the Lord ever abandoned you? Will He ever? Doubt it!

Yesterday evening, I went to check out an abandonment in Plano that I found on flickr. Not only did I find it, but I also found a whole cluster of abandonments next door and behind this property. Talk about urbex heaven! I'll be back. I'll be back very soon! Photos from yesterday will be up tomorrow.

I created a new Pandora station today: worship :)



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