Monday, August 9, 2010

loaves & fishes

You people should stop texting me for free haircuts. I'm all about helping out. The
taking advantage of me part though - yeah I'm not feeling it anymore.

Romeoville Sportclips left me a voicemail today. "Hi this message is for Amanda. This is so&so from the Romeoville Sportclips, interested in talking to you about career opportunities at our location". Yeah, I'm pretty sure that you already interviewed me twice. No thanks. More proof that you need no brains or education to be in this business.

Yeah, I'm born again, but I still have my moments when it comes to ignorant people. I'm working on it.

These first 2 pictures shown were taken by Nicole, but they have me in them :)
In the 1st one, I'm all the way on the left. We used my tripod & her camera.

Nicole & Randie

creepy basement

My camera's onboard flash is a last resort for me. I used my flashlite for this one.

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