Saturday, August 7, 2010

God bless

I went to Waterfall Glen again this morning to get a good ride in before the day's
activites......aaaaaand got hit on, like for a while. Dude just thought he could come up from behind me and ride along side me for a while. He seemed nice, but I'm not interested in talking about how great you think my tattoos are or how you were overseas in the service. Not interesting. Plus, I'm all sweaty and out of breath and you're making me miss a bunch of photo-ops. Thanks.

The 1st 4 are HDR. I'm getting this style mastered!

More of my work in print, yay!

Neopolitan Mastiff pup named Buddy:

I love my camera so much. I can't wait to be paid for my photography. I think I deserve to be.

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