Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Six Flags Great America

Video I made while riding Batman, The Ride.

carousel & pond

Ethan, next in line for The Condor (1st ride we hit up, since it's near the entrance)

me & E on the Condor. I didn't aim the cam very well.

Batman was next. Not a very long line since it was still pretty early.

In the bat cave....

The American Eagle. 2nd best ride in the whole park!

Pretty photo-op while waiting in line for The Viper.

E in line for Viper.

Reminds me of some urbex...

Raging Bull = best coaster in the whole park. No contest.

Another urbex-type photo-op...

E in line for The Whizzer.

Next in line for the 1st car.

Sunset while on The Whizzer...

Cranking up on the Raging Bull. This coaster has a 209ft initial drop. Best one in the park. Awesome ride!

American Eagle

Waiting for the show to begin at Hometown Square.

Design by Ethan. Photo by me.

Superman docking area.

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