Friday, February 5, 2010


The trip today was amazing. The architecture in these ruins were jaw-dropping and it made me sad to see it all go to waste because this area is so poor. I didn't see everything that I had on my list, but I'll be going back in the spring, on a sunny day.

I took about 400 pictures today. I won't be sharing all of them, but it will take me a couple of days to go through all of them and post my favorites.

This is a methodist church, built in 1925 and abandoned in 1975. Old Gothic-style architecture. It has been left to decay and currently, there's no plans to renovate. One thing is for sure though: there is something powerful here.

This is an old image of what the church used to look like. I don't know who owns this picture because I got it from google images.

Look at the detail!

A chair on the roof. Note the kitty paw prints :)

an old desk....

mmm, comfy


This piano still works.

Looking straight up at the ceiling. So much detail.

Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now.......


Fireplaces in almost every room. No kidding.

Peeling ceiling

Now THIS is a mantle! They just don't put this much effort into it anymore :(


the theater.....

creepy stairs

already staged for the photographer!

old record player.


This looks like it was once a gymnasium, even though it was on the 3rd floor.


on the roof again

panoramic of a neat room in the education wing...

panoramic of theater from stage...

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