Thursday, February 4, 2010


I haven't been online much lately. I sign on to messengers often on my phone, but when I'm home, lately I'm doing other things. I'm pretty fed up with facebook too. People abuse it and it's highly annoying.
So what's new with me? Lots of 6 days a week. I'm holding down 3 part time jobs. One of them is 30 hours though!
I purchased the Canon EFS 55-250mm telephoto lens. I like it a lot. My recent interest in panoramic photography has chilled a bit and my newest interest is now urban exploration. As a teen, my friends and I were really interested in getting into and exploring abadoned buildings, and the more they were falling apart, the better. In some way that I can't explain, these places hold some beauty. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to explore a ghost town in another state. It's a place that is extrememly popular for photographers, and the buildings are actually accessable! I'm excited about going.
I also entered a photography contest for will county, so I'll let you know when I win.
I bought a new computer this week. I'm now up-to-date with technology. It's got Windows 7. It's a lot like Vista but without the gayness. They made it more visually appealing too. I like it. It's nice to have 2 machines to rely on again. I'd post a link to the model, but I don't want anyon to get too jealous. It's an HP. I like HP's. I also upgraded to Adobe Photoshop CS4. There's some changes in it that have made it faster to use; this is good because I do a lot of photo retouching.
Finally, my attempts at stock photography have begun to pay off. I've sold permissions to use 8 photos on 3 sites so far. Not too bad. I've got photos on 7 stock photography sites so far and I continue to upload [almost] daily. My goal is to have a portfolio of about 1,000 on at least 3 or 4 sites. This will take some time as the approval process is pretty strict. So far, my portfolio's are as follows: 164, 31, 75, 15, 134, 342, and 385. Keep in mind that I've submitted the same amount to all the sites, so you can see how some are more strict than others.
Even with Blogger's built-in CMS, it's still pretty time-consuming to post photos, and since I'm leaving soon, I don't have much time to upload anything today. I'll have some cool ones up soon though....especially after tomorrow!

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