Saturday, February 6, 2010


Here's a few from an apartment building in ruins - same ghost town. Gorgeous Renaisissance Revival-style architecture. It doesn't even compare to a kid in a candy store. I climbed in through a small hole and I was in heaven!

I'm in awe.

awesome chair

The arched doorways were so pretty.

This is near where I crawled in on my hands and knees....with tripod and camera.....and remote control and flashlight haha.

The lobby:

Left behind....

crown molding, detailed pattern on the ceiling, fireplace, pretty wood paneling....when can I move in?

Broken glass. This was a fun shot.


Stairs going down:

The mop wasn't far from here. I should have staged them together.

elevator vault. I could look up and see that it was stuck up on the 6th or 7th floor. Very creepy.

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