Thursday, October 7, 2010

wrecking ball

This blog has a date with the wrecking ball, thus it's days are numbered. It's just not customizable enough for my liking. I've never been completely satisfied with it. I'm a professional, so I just can't have that any longer. I've added a subdomain to my portfolio and my new blog will be hosted
I need some time to get the design up and running. Stay tuned on more updates.
I finally ordered my business cards today. Took me long enough! And I also booked another wedding. This one is at Wrigley Field!!!!!!!!!! How awesome!!! I can't wait.
These photos being posted now are from some urbex at an old property I stumbled upon just west of rt 47 in Kendall County. Fun!
And yesterday was my 1st day off after working 7 days straight, so I spent the day in Gary Indiana with my new friend, John :)
We had a blast exploring with our cameras. My thigh muscles are hurting today from climbing so much! Pictures to come as soon as possible.

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