Sunday, October 3, 2010

maxed out!

I officially have no more space left on this blog. I mean, I can type text, but I'm not allowed to upload any more photos unless I purchase more server space. Yeah, Google wants to charge me. So that's why I haven't updated this blog in almost a week, just in case you're wondering.
In the meantime, I've updated the galleries on my portfolio.
I'm considering keeping this blog live and starting a whole new blog with a different picture theme. At the same time, I'm toying with the idea of just purchasing the space for this one. We'll see.

Busy day for me today. Church, then I'm off to photograph another wedding. I'll be gone alllllllllll day, just like I was yesterday. Weekend? What's a weekend?

Good money though. I've got 3 trips planned: back to the animal sanctuary in Michigan for 2 days, then New Orleans for 4 days, then Detroit for 3 days :)
Check out this video......
Detroit Lives: An Urban Exploration With Johnny Knoxville

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