Tuesday, December 22, 2009

night shots

I'm quite proud of these pictures. They were taken completely manually and even got me in trouble with securty.......uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh 18 year year old skinny joke of a man security who first asked me if he could help me (haha) and then told me that I couldn't take the pictures that I was taking even though I was in fact already taking them; he just didn't know why I couldn't take them. What I just said didn't make sense because this child, aka sorry excuse for security, didn't make any sense. He just knew that he had to tell me that I couldn't photograph the factory, even though as both a photographer and [un]American with basic freedoms, I'm allowed to photograph whatever I can see.

And just so you know, I continued on with my picture-taking from the road, in plain site of mr hard ass. I was no longer on the premises.

The are no laws that prohibit the taking of photographs on public or private property (except for special circumstances such as certain government facilities). Neither the Patriot Act nor the Homeland Security Act have any provisions that restrict photography. The are no general laws against taking photos. Photography is considered an artistic expression which, if anything, is protected not prohibited.

But enough with my rant. I'm loving my camera more and more as I use it. Every time I read the manual I learn something new since it's something that I didn't yet understand the last time I read it. There's so much it can do. It's great!

Enjoy this set of pictures. The factory, in all of it's ugliness, still holds some kind of beauty in the night. And the others are of a spot that I've been wanting to photograph for a while. I think they came out beautiful and crystal clear. Hardly any noise at all since I had my camera on the lowest ISO possible. Some of them took up to 2.5 minutes shutter time though.

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